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Mac OS X
Classic 2D Gameplay
8 Huge Mansions to Explore
Many Fun Puzzles to Solve
Lots of Hidden Secrets to Find
Three Difficulty Levels

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.2 to 10.6
    Does not run under Lion
  • Any PPC Macintosh
  • Runs under Rosetta on Intel Macs
  • Minimum of 20 MB of free RAM

Screen Shots


High Scores

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Please note: This version does not run under OS X Lion. However, a new version, Midnight Mansion HD, does. You probably want that version instead!

Midnight Mansion

In the vein of games like Dark Castle and Montezuma's Revenge, Midnight Mansion provides classic action gaming with vivid 32-bit graphics, spine-tingling sound effects, and professional quality music.


As Jack Malone, you will explore eight huge mansions, each filled with traps, puzzles, and secrets, as you search for legendary treasure. Ride on conveyor belts, avoid zapper beams, and dodge monsters as you collect keys that give you access to new areas of each mansion.

Magazine Reviews

"Midnight Mansion is an extremely well-done old-school platformer fit for gamers of all ages" Ian Beck, InsideMacGames

"If you were a fan of Dark Castle or similar games, check out Midnight Mansion. It's a well executed blast from the past." Peter Cohen, MacWorld Magazine


What a fantastic game! My little brother loves it too, and will be buying it shortly. N. Acevski

Thank you! Absolutely wicked game! Me and my girlfriend are totally
addicted! H. Oakley

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