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Midnight Mansion Magazine Reviews

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"Midnight Mansion is an extremely well-done old-school platformer fit for gamers of all ages" - Ian Beck, InsideMacGames

4 Mice Rating"If you were a fan of Dark Castle or similar games, check out Midnight Mansion. It's a well executed blast from the past." - Peter Cohen, MacWorld Magazine

Customer Comments

We've gotten a lot of really positive comments from customers who love Midnight Mansion. We love reading them, and hearing about who likes to play the game. Below are just some of those comments. Keep them coming!

What a fantastic game! My little brother loves it too, and will be buying it shortly.
N. Acevski

- Thank you! Absolutely wicked game! Me and my girlfriend are totally addicted!
H. Oakley

- Midnight Mansion is great! I love this game!
M. Hottner

This is a good game. My 5 year old does very well with it, and so do I! It's a little addictive.
E. Masker

Quality product. No more be said!!
M. Rainsley

Your game is excellent, with many nice touches which make it even better than many commercial offerings along the same lines.
J. Adam

Great game - my kids are driving me nuts to register it!
P. Shoemark

I am not normally much of a game player even though with my new iBook i've certainly got the hardware to do it... but when my daughters and wife kept going on & on the last few days I knew that there was something I was missing out on. Tried it today and loved the game play - great quality! The graphics are so fluid, the game play and hidden items are really cool, too. My girls SCREAMED at a decibel rate louder than a 747 when they came in the house and I casually mentioned that i'd purchased the registration for MM. Your company has made a new loyal life-long customer. I've been in the personal computer scene since 1978 with an Apple ][+ as a wee lad of 9 years old. Did the PC thing early in my working career and we hated it at home. Switched back to OSX a few years back and will NEVER look anywhere else... this platform is so darn stable and easy to work with. Great stuff.

Sorry for the long email. It's a privilege to talk to someone who is so talented in their programming and marketing skills...
S. Taylor

It is not often one can find a game that does not include killing someone or something and is entertaining. The character moves well and can be very annoying with his impatience but we get along fine now. He is pretty funny really so I have enjoyed the demo section and am now ready to take him through all mansions. It is better than playing stupid card games all the time...
S. Machen

What a great game. I've waited years for a game like this. It reminds me of the old Prince of Persia. Thank you for supporting 2D Mac games -- please make another like this.
R. Wilder

AA! This game is so FUN and Cute! It DOES play like Dark Castle!
D. Smith

Great game! You have just the right amount of playable access in the demo to let people decide if they really want to pay. My four year old daughter loves 'playing this' sitting on my lap. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to decide if I want the blood effects too.
J. Doyle

I'm one of the "older guys" who plays your game called Midnight Mansion. It is a lot of fun, and when I get into it, very challenging. It a way, it reminds me of the old Sierra games such as King's Quest where you walk around pick up items, and die if you don't do the right thing. I only wish more games like that, and your present one, of course, would be put on the market. They are so much fun, and you don't go around killing everyone in sight. Keep up the GREAT work and whenever you guys come up with something new, please let me know.
V. Stiglich, Jr.

FYI, I'm 64, love this game with a passion. It gets me away from paying bills, babysitting grandchildren and housework. I think your game is BRILLIANT!!!!!!! If you giggle at our frustration you deserve it. Wish I could be so creative.
Forum post

Your games is funny. My girls...and me love it.
E. Bendinelli

Thanks for a great game - I used to really love playing Dark Castle & Beyond DC. Thank you.
B. Stafford

And may I just say that your game is a refreshing step back into true gaming again. With so many games and consoles out there nowadays it tends to come down to the "bling-bling", who can make the most intense graphics, sounds or controversy. Unfortunately the gameplay suffers. I am not sure you are old enough but your game first reminded me of an old Apple IIe game I used to play as a child called Montezuma's Revenge. It is nice to see a title that is so well crafted that it can appeal to one's entire family. I must say, I have registered far fewer demos than I have played but I had to make an exception for your excellent work - kudos,
M. Murray

Just to let you know that it is not JUST the younger generation who enjoys games like this one! I'm 67, retired, ex-computer geek and long time Mac user. I no longer have the advanced eye-hand coordination needed for so many games and it was a pleasure to come across this gem! Keep up the good work!
D. De Vries

Awesome Game! Thank you for the hours of fun!!!
D. Donovan

This is a great game, and I generally discourage my kids from playing games. There is a lot of potential for learning - level creation, puzzle solving, resource management, etc. Well done
M. Detwiler

I thought my kids were going to have a stroke when they reached the end of the demo. Nice work!
T. Moore

VERY AWESOME GAME DUDE!!! :-)) I really like the music!!
J. James

Thanks for a great app! My 8 year old daughter left her dolls in favor of this game..
P. Iwarson

I just wanted to say "Kudos and Great Job!" on Midnight Mansion. I LOVE IT!
I agree that the fun is much more important than the graphics and this game wins major points in both the fun and entertaining categories. I also love the puzzle aspect... I'd rather have a game that I have to think about than one that doesn't give me time to think while monsters are shooting at me.
Two thumbs up and I can't wait for more software from you!!! D. Mikeworth

WooHoo THanks! I was needing something JUST like this :-)
T. Toland

Midnight Mansion Sells Macs?!

Apparently Midnight Mansion is actually convincing people to buy Macs instead of PCs. Here is what one person wrote when I asked her if it was true that four or five or her grandson's friends had bought Macs because of Midnight Mansion:

Yes - because of the game and their kids. They were thinking about Macs and the game was the clincher (plus their begging children). There really isn't anything like it in the PC market that I've ever heard about. Every friend of my grandson who plays becomes addicted. Parents like it too - no beheadings! My five year old nephew played it for the first time a few weeks ago - my sister is about to shoot me because Matt now wants a Mac!

I know other people have told you, but thank you for all you work on behalf of your game and for us, the fans. I remember the first custom mansion - that seemed so remarkable at the time. It is a tribute to you, though, that the original eight have stood the test of time. They are also great skill teachers in the easy version. The other tribute to you and your game is that it spans generations - just look at your custom builders - 6 or 7 years old to ? Pretty neat! My grandson started on a mansion when he was 6 and works on it whenever he gets a chance (at the ripe old age of 7.5). That aspect of the game has really taught him a lot of different skills.

So there are your compliments for the day - well deserved!

S. LaCroix

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